Wednesday, 26 January 2011

When Cats Collide!

Afternoon to all my lovely followers - it's a bit dismal here today, but I find this forces me to stay inside and make jewellery ;)

As promised I have created a piece of jewellery using my gorgeous 'Tabby' lamp work beads mentioned in my previous post. I really wanted the beads to become the focal point of the piece and started off looking for something in a contrasting colour which would achieve this, but couldn't find anything in my bead stash!

Second thoughts were needed and whilst rummaging I came across some leopardskin round gemstones I've had for a while but never had inspiration to use...

At first I thought these would clash terribly with the Tabby's, but when I put them together I discovered that the similarities complimented each other in a way I never would have thought of!

With the merging of the Tabby and Leopardskin beads I have called this piece 'When Cats Collide'. I love this piece and with all the intricate colours in the beads, it really catches the eye. I also love this picture, I think the colours came out well and the stone (which I found on a walk) feels like it merges in with the piece.

Let me know what you think?

Thanks for reading x

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