Wednesday, 9 February 2011

How NOT to organise beads!

I've seen a few posts about lately on organisation and storage of beads and other crafty items. Well, I'd thought I'd show you some pictures of how I organise my Jewellery stash...

Not great is it! These are all my main beads, all organised into types/colours and popped in a grip seal bag, then thrown into a plastic box. It does get worse though...

 *Sigh* On the top is a matted collection of silver plated findings - in much need of sorting out! below is my tin of all things (beads and findings) that need taking apart; found on the floor or given to me - basically my miscellaneous selection!

I really want to be able to organise my beads so I can find things quicker, so any ideas would be much appreciated!

On the plus side however, after have gone through my stash tin I found some beautiful little flower, dragonfly and butterfly beads and I've made a cute little bracelet with them...

I think this is a bit of fun. The flower beads are made of metal sheet in lilac, purple and black and the dragonflies and butterflies are Tibetan silver. Not something I normally make but very sweet I think :)

Thanks for reading x


  1. I love the little dragonflies.....pretty bracelet x

  2. Love the bracelet and love the blog

  3. Bracelet - lovely. Storage - LMAO, soooooo looks like my boxes of finding etc. I am so happy that I am not the only person that just throws things into a box and hopes for the best.

  4. He he I have two tins you like yours above full of bits that need taking apart :)

  5. Love the bracelet :) Glad to see it's not just me who's a little disorganised!!!

  6. Thanks for the comments re the bracelet - sold this today at work :) So glad to hear I'm not the only disorganised one!