Sunday, 15 May 2011

Coming back!

Hello to all my followers :) Just wanted to do a quick update to say I'll be back into full blogging mode again shortly - sorry for the recent absence.

Hopefully I'll have lots to show, as my Mum has asked me to do a Jewellery party for her in July, so busy, busy, busy!!

In the meantime, please pop on over to 1st Unique Gifts and have a look at Handmade Monday and all the fabulous crafter's blogs on there. I hope to be taking part fully next week!

Thanks xx


  1. How brave to do a jewellery party, good luck with that and good to see you back

  2. New follower here from over at the CF. Looking forward to seeing your new work.

    Jan x

  3. Good to see you back but also good that you are busy, hope to see what you have been up to soon. Take care

  4. Thanks for taking part in HM, and look forward to seeing what you're making bext week x

  5. Hope the jewellery party planning goes well! Anna x