Thursday, 17 March 2011

It's a Button of a dilema!

I have recently inherited an absolutely fabulous vintage button collection. Great I hear you all say!! Well, it would be, but I haven't the foggyist idea what to do with them!

There is quite a selection of them, all lovely sorted into colours and then handsewn onto card to keep them all organised. I have taken a few photos of the best of them, but as you can see there are hundreds!

There are loads more pictures, but I don't want to block everyones browsers! Anyway, I am after ideas please. I would love to use some of them in my jewellery, but am lacking inspiration - also any other ideas I could use them for would be very gratefully recevied!

Some of them are pretty lovely aren't they - What's your idea???


  1. wow how exciting you could make some jewellery or maybe cover a notebook by either gluing or sewing them on I use them on my cushions xx

  2. I make vintage button cuffs, little post earrings, button bouquets, brooches...but I also fill pretty jars with them and display my faves. I absolutely adore vintage buttons!

  3. If you are doing a jewellery party and these buttons are already carded up why not take them along also to sell or give with each piece of jewellery that you sell?!!!!!!! Hugs Mrs A. (1st Unique week 16)

  4. Follow dreamstars tutorial for flowers - mind you that only uses up one per flower!
    I cut my 2 year olds hair today, by letting him play with the button collection ... got anyone who needs a haircut?